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Photo listing: cycleways (problem)

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This listing only shows photos within North Herts.
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Need an off road cycle path on this road which is no longer the main A road so could be narrowed and off road cycle paths provided.

Surface of Briary Lane is badly eroded making cycling challenging on what is otherwise a nice route out of town.

Build the bridge and cycle route to Melbourn advocated by the A10 campaign and local business.

Use space alongside the railway to create a shared walking and cycling route from Rosecomb to the new Lancaster Road housing to create a route into the town away from the main road.

Use space alongside the railway to create a shared walking and cycling route from Rosecomb to the new Lancaster Road housing to create a route into the town away from the main road.

This footpath provides a direct route via Green Drift to the station so ideally should be upgraded to a shared use path for cycling. possibly by routing around the lake next to the railway.

In the absence of a safe cycle path and given the high speeds on this road, the pavement here needs converting to shared use as far as Downlands, but ideally into the town centre with Baldock Road narrowed as it is no longer a main A road.

Good to see what looks like a cycle path being built from here to Therfield Road, but the entrance off the road here needs legally correct bollards to LTN1/20 standards.

Very nasty crossing. Poor sightlines and cars doing 60 mph. Needs something to make this safe for families to cross on cycles.

Make it possible to use the closed road to rear of station eastbound plaform to create an accesible walking and cycling route out of the station platform, as no lift.

Challenging junction to cross on bikes when leaving the station as there are 6 directions to look. Needs a toucan crossing.

Use the link via Orchard Road and the church to join Baldock station up to National Route 12 and the High Street as a safe cycling route.

Going from Letchworth to Hitchin (no great distance) it's clear there's a shared-use path - in the other direction you wouldn't have a clue.

Signage for motorists and safer crossing for cyclists.

SIgnage for motorists and ease of crossing for cyclists.

Crossing the A1M at this point is tricky - no signage to motorists to warn of cycles crossing.

London Road Between Buntingford & Royston There are numerous cycle/footpaths that are either overgrown, damaged or non-existent. The ones that are there are pretty uncomfortable, dangerous, or impossible to use because of overgrown trees … [more]

Upgrade footpath to cycle way so cyclists going from Codicote to Knebworth by way of Gipsy Lane (southern) do not need to detour along busy Gipsy Lane (northern) and Park Lane.

Reduce speed limit as fast cars plus narrow road make this not fun for cycling,

B636 from Codicote to Welwyn is a very busy road with overhanging bushes and trees. The roadway is wide enough to accept a reduced width so that a wider cycle/pedestrian path can be added going south to Fulling Mill Lane.

Segregated cycle way between Hitchin and Lower Stondon/ Henlow Camp continuing to Langford. Or install speed limit to 40mph and cameras.

Remove the gyratory. Traffic speeds are high. TfL is removing gyratories in London with good effect especially when combined with public realm improvements eg Highbury Corner

Some form of protection / priority / lane for cyclists on all arms of the roundabout.

Safety measures for cyclists here. I’ve had to stop in the roundabout to avoid getting knocked off by vehicles coming from Nightingale Road and turning right.

Create segregated cycle lane from Hitchin to Letchworth.

The access for cycles to Hitchin town centre is poor. A cycle way along the river looks possible.

Improve security at station for cycles

This is a common route for dog walkers and cyclists, with a path leading into Laurel Way from Burymead Icknield Way from Letchworth. Wider path and marked cycle lane needed to safely complete the loop back into Hitchin.

Very Dangerous Difficult Crossing for Cyclists and Walkers, Low Visibility of Cars travelling fast around the bend.

Difficult for cyclists and pedestrians to cross this busy section of the A505. Some form of crossing/ underpass required to make safer and enable families to use the roads either side of the main road safely

Make a link from improved junction with A602 roundabout to Bridleway north of Graveley Lane. Already a footpath so widen.

Baldock High Street needs a cycle lane.

Along works road from Baldock to Letchworth. More space needed for cyclists. It is a convenient route to connect both towns & already used by some cyclists.

A real cycle track between Stevenage and Knebworth, remove the overtaking lane and reduce speed limit

Lack of space for cyclists and difficult for pedestrians to cross. Convert to one way street, along with station road and use the other half for two way segregated cycle lanes. Provide a zebra crossing for pedestrians across Bridge Road.

Difficult roundabout for pedestrians and cyclists to navigate on NCR 12 and school route. There is enough space and existing layout lends itself to conversion to Dutch roundabout.

One has to cycle on a narrow road here. Travelling west the road is narrow with 2 pedestrian traffic islands in the centre of the road which makes it very narrow and vehicles after either try and overtake a cyclist at this pinch point and … [more]

It is very dangerous on this road travelling north. There is no cycleway and one has to ride on the road with 2 pinch points where there are pedestrian traffic islands which narrow the road and make it very dangerous.

There is a combined footpath and cycleway from Norton to Stotfold. However at the Norton end you have to go onto a main road at a dangerous point and it is not well signposted. There should be better links from this cycleway into … [more]

Dangerously narrow cycle lane needs widening. Having a lane there means drivers don't feel they need to give cyclists any additional space when passing, but there are sections along St. Michael's Road where the cycle lane isn't even as … [more]

Restrictive barrier needs to be removed to make walking, cycling and wheeling more inclusive. They discourage rather than welcome, discriminating against people who use wheelchairs, mobility scooters, handcycles, cargo bikes or … [more]

Car have priority at this cycle crossing point. If the cycleway was on a raised table crossing giving priority to the cyclists it would be much safer. The road is a residential one shopp not busy.

Consider providing access to Royston Town Centre from the East of the town via Priory Gardens.

Secure access rights for safer North-South cycleway along Dog Kennel Lane and past the Manor House

Provide a cycle way along Melbourn Road to connect Royston Town Centre with the future A505 bridge

Need a route between Hitchin and Stevenage, roads at St Ippolytes and Little Wymondley are dangerous with blind corners etc. Cycle lanes in Stevenage are great but then they just stop.

Make the width restriction permanent and turn some of it into cycleway. In fact it would be nice to have cycleway all the way down to Woolmer Green and Welwyn too.

Make this surface all weather. to make winter commutes accesptable.

Need a stevenage to Hitchin link route.

Dangerous footpath is on 'wrong side' of road for station, hazardous cycling. Suggestion: reduce road traffic to single lane, traffic light controlled, synchronised with Walsworth junction to minimise congestion. Use extra space for … [more]

Open the tunnel for cyclists

Open the farm bridge to cyclists.

No safe crossing of the A505

No safe crossing of the A505.

Cycle path is too narrow, over grown and uneven surface. No room for a cyclist to pass a pedestrian. Dangerous to cycle on.

Make this small section of the road cycle accessible.

Provide safe cycle parking with CCTV. Cycles will come if they can park safely!

Safe segregated cycleway needed along Bedford Road.

Make Water Lane one way going North. In loop with Ickleford Road to go South.

The cycleway abruptly ends here resulting in near misses and road rage. Provide a segregated cycle way along all of Nightingale Road and Fishponds Road A505.

Cars parked in the cycle lane cause cycles to veer into the road, disturbing traffic. Provide a segregated cycle lane along St Michael's Road.

2-way cycle lanes on Hibury Road (one-way for vehicles, see associated ideas).

There is a footpath through B&M (former B&Q) site which historically was a small lane. If this site is ever redeveloped it would be possible to require this to be opened for cycle access avoiding the roundabout.It would link Nightingale and … [more]

Very tight for cycling on Bridge Rd. Not safe for family cycling

Part cycle route needs better signage

Busy rd, unsafe for cycling esp with family

Very tight for safe cycling on Bridge Rd,

Busy road, feels unsafe for family cycling

Crossing needed for cycle route12 and school access

Busy road, currently unsafe to cycle with family, needs cycle paths.

Cycle path along whole of Broadway, crossings onto Broadway Gdns, + give priority to bikes and pedestrians

Cycle path needed

NCN12 here is extremely narrow. It is not possible to pass and maintain social distancing.

NCN12 between Creamery Court and Radburn Way is extremely narrow. It is not possible to pass and maintain social distancing.

This crossing needs improving as traffic levels increase. At times the wait to cross the westbound lane can be up to 10 minutes, and even then requires risky dashing across.

This path is a good off-road link from east Letchworth but is currently pedestrian only. Could easily be designated for bikes too.

Perfectly good path on the west side of A505 Letchworth Gate that could easily be designated for bikes too to give a direct route to / from town.

Continuation of Old Charlton Rd by underpass is footpath only. Changing this to shared use would make cycling to Charlton much safer.

The one way system encourages faster driving. 20 mph limit and consider return to 2 way here and Bedford Rd, with cycle lanes.

All houses on Strathmore Avenue have off-road parking. On-road parking is superfluous. Create wide cycle lanes (Hitchin town centre to Strathmore school and onto Ickleford).

No safe crossing

Very difficult to negotiate this roundabout on a cycle, dedicated cycle paths needed.

Need dedicated cycle lanes along A505 and around this roundabout to enable safe commuting to the station and allow people to cycle to station rather than drive. Terrible congestion in this area pre-lockdown which will quickly return once … [more]

This is both a pavement and cycling issue. This is a very dangerous roundabout where it's really hard for pedestrians to get across because the traffic goes fast and there's no pedestrian crossing. What's needed is slower traffic (ie 20mph … [more]

Busy road; cars dominate making cyclists feel unsafe. Cycle path preferred (or priority given to cyclists but hard to enforce)

Turn Bunyan Road, York Road and Ickleford Rd into a one-way system for cars with 2-way cycle lanes.

Safe cycle way along A505 to the station, to allow for safer commuting.

Needs a cycle path

Cycle path from Chiltern Rd to WR school and railway bridge (cycling "highway") Purwell-Hitchin town centre)

Wider pedestrian and cycle bridge needed.

A straight and clear cycle lane is needed to connect Purwell and the Poets Estate to Hitchin station and town centre. Currently a maze through Poets Estate.

Cycle way along (and physically separated from) A602 between Whitehill Road and Hitchin Lane, and all the way to Ashbrook Lane (and road to Wymondley).

Cut-through needing improvement in central Hitchin

Exit from Weston Way to off road section of NCN12. Note the barrier to catch bikes turing off the road and how going south you hit the barrier before giving way. Poor!

This gate is just big enough for a standard single bike, but not for tandems or trailers. As at #46310, the cycling symbol seems to have been removed.

Not good for pushbikes!

Cycle track alongside the A10 - typically for Royston, the estate to the right is sealed off behind a hedge, but a little bit of permeability would open up routes on quiet dead-end streets.

A surfaced path would be useful here.

Q - What happens if you build a path right up against a hedge ? A - It grows out into the path so that you cannot use it. That is why DfT recommend that you do not plant hedges any closer than 3m from a road. This path was only built a … [more]

This footway is already too narrow for shared use but HCC haven't even bothered to move the lamp posts out of it. There is an excess of road space that does nothing other than encourage speeding. If a roadside cycle track is to be used … [more]

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